Underground Worship


“I read the book of Acts, then I go outside … and it comes to life before my eyes!” – GCM Leader/Pastor

Our small group meets and worships as an underground house-church where hearts are transformed by Jesus. We are one another’s family because our birth families have disowned us. We struggle with persecution every day, but we gladly accept it. Jesus gave His life for us, we love Him, and we want to be obedient disciples.

One of our greatest need is your prayers, that each one of us will grow closer to Jesus every day, that God will prepare many other hearts to receive Him, that the Holy Spirit will give us wisdom as He leads us to people whose heart He has prepared to hear the Good News. Also, please pray for God’s protection over the many new Christians in our midst. Your prayers for us are critical.

Our Story

Yet for your sake we face death all day long; we are considered as sheep to be slaughtered. – Psalm 44:22

Life Under Persecution


We are being hunted in many regions of the Middle East. These are some of the most violent places on earth toward Christians. Religious zealots are all around us, seeking out kafir “infidels” – those who have turned to Jesus Christ. We persevere, nonetheless, even while threatened. On any given day, we could be taken from our friends and family, and be imprisoned, beaten, raped or killed. We are surrounded by tens of millions of Muslims, devoted to Sharia Law which mandates that those who turn away from Islam must be punished and killed. But God and your prayers sustain us.

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