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GCM exists to transform Muslims worldwide through Jesus Christ by means of disciple making, church planting, and leadership development.

No one can reach Muslims more quickly and effectively than one who has been transformed by Christ, understands the culture, and knows the language. The unique ministry of Global Catalytic Ministries (GCM) is carried out entirely by nationals and former Muslims—some of whom were even terrorists. All are passionate about bringing the gospel to their fellow countrymen and do so at great personal cost and risk.

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I was moved by God’s spirit to give to you all when I saw your ministry on Facebook. I know God will grow what I have given to do his mighty work for our brethren in Afghanistan!

My wife saw the interview with Jennie Allen and felt God tell her to sell her vehicle to give to you all. You are giants in the faith. Warriors! God is using the believers in Afghanistan in mighty ways, and they are not alone!

I witnessed what happened in Afghanistan and I was desperate to help. I am so grateful for the opportunity to do something though GCM and your team.

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