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Since the first century B.C., Jesus sparked a Kingdom movement from Jerusalem that transcended borders and cultures, enduring persecution across the Roman Empire. Today, the Christian Church still faces oppression in places like Iran, Afghanistan, and Mecca, much like the early church. Yet, from Mecca to rural Ohio, from Imams to ex-LGBTQ escorts, disciples rise from unexpected places, reflecting God’s enduring radical love through disciple-making.

Join us worldwide as sheep among wolves, laying down our lives in worship and divine deployment. Motivated by deep intimacy with Jesus, we actively spread His mission to reach every nation, tribe, and tongue anticipating the moment of His Kingdom Come. Maranatha!


Jesus personally provided detailed instructions while mentoring His disciples to reach the unreached. In our courses, we focus on Jesus’ disciple-making methods and sharing real-world insights gained from navigating some of the most challenging environments.

To Reach

Sharing God’s Word in hostile environments requires personal sacrifice. We are called to emulate Jesus’ teachings, as well as, His character. This mission is likened to being a sheep among wolves, exemplifying a profound love even for our adversaries. Consider being a vital part of this amazing journey.

West meets east

Global Catalytic Ministries is a disciple-making organization with a vision for a global movement of Jesus. Originating from the underground church in Iran and expanding into Afghanistan, the West, and now reaching over 46 countries worldwide, we’ve been actively making disciples in some of the most persecuted areas, from the East to the Bible Belt in America. Explore how our worshipful posture, encompassing prayer, praise, and disciple-making, has the power to stir the heart of God, prompting Him to respond through movement on the earth.

GCM continues to expand its mission with the generous donations of many. Your financial support to further enhance GCM programming would be greatly appreciated.

Field Ops

From Disciple to

Two Tracks. One Mission.
Dive into our free, Disciple-Making Bootcamp and learn methods inspired by Jesus. For example, in Matthew 10 and Luke 10, He demonstrated how to foster conversations while engaging with many different kinds of personalities.

Done with Bootcamp? Now get coached by active Disciple-Makers currently in ministry throughout Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and many other countries worldwide.

Worship is our

Prayer, praise, and disciple-making are all expressions of our worship. We believe wherever the disciple-making movement breaks out in the world, worship will follow. As people get saved, a new song rises.

The Maranatha Collective, is a community of songwriters, musicians, singers, and producers dedicated to cultivating worship music. Every song produced, is translated into many languages as to increase the global sound of worship.

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Developing Tech for
Team Security

Safeguarding disciple-makers who have dedicated their lives to live as sheep among wolves cannot be overstated—especially in countries where practicing faith openly can invite persecution.

At GCM, we are acutely aware of the challenges our teams face in these high-risk areas and the role technology plays to hide them in plain sight. Together, we can overcome the barriers and ensure that God’s Word will be heard globally, no matter the circumstances.

Join the mission to protect and expand our capacity and protect the well-being of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Prayer Partners are a
Powerful task force

Prayer is essential to our work, recognizing Jesus’ words in John 15:5: “Apart from Me, you can do nothing.” Our objective is to secure 5000+ dedicated partners praying for GCM daily.

Currently, we have 29 prayer groups weekly, representing over 1400 committed prayer partners. Whether leading or attending prayer meetings, many are actively engaged in the community maintaining a strong line of communication.

Find out more how to join a prayer team.

Help to Heal the Hurt

We are urgently developing a Care Team to help our disciple-makers through difficult life circumstances encountered in the field that may affect their family’s needs spiritually, mentally, emotionally, or physically.

The Care Team has developed ways to assess the needs of internal staff by meeting and connecting them with crucial resources.

Volunteers serve as practitioners in areas like counseling (mental health), marriage and family addictions, trauma, etc. Life skills in financial planning, housing referrals, medical assistance and other resources are also within scope.

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