Love your enemies

Reaching the
lost in Israel
and the world’s most dangerous places
Reaching the lost in Israel and the world’s most dangerous places

From Israel to Iran and beyond

Your immediate support is crucial as tensions escalate between Israel and Iran. Join us in making a tangible difference by spreading the message of peace and providing vital aid where it is most desperately needed. Making disciples—our core action—is the greatest benefit to Israel’s national security. As we make disciples in regions traditionally enemies toward Israel, a remarkable transformation occurs: Muslims not only embrace the Jewish Messiah but begin to love the Jewish people themselves. Your donation today helps make disciples and provide critical support during this time of conflict.

Act now and stand with Jesus to win this spiritual battle. Donate today to change the course of this conflict and foster peace in the Middle East.

Where the
money goes

Global Disciple-Making

Following Jesus’ teachings, we make disciples in over 48 countries, implementing His threefold commission approach.

Being the Underground Church in High-Risk Areas

We reach the unreached in some of the world’s most dangerous locations, valiantly accepting the charge despite known persecution.

Establishing Underground Leadership and Advanced Security

Our coaching is guided by underground leaders, using strong cybersecurity to keep communications safe and protect our field workers’ identities.

Creating Indigenous and Culturally Inclusive Methods

We work primarily with indigenous disciples, adapting Jesus’ methods to local cultures without imposing colonialist views.

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