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We Are Disciple Makers

Here at GCM, we are disciple makers. Whether we find ourselves in the West or East, the underground church or the visible church, the obviously persecuted or victims of the subtle, sleepy persecution of the West, we make disciples. It’s not simply a strategy or a technique we employ, it’s the core of who we are. 

Disciple Makers are Always On

A disciple maker doesn’t vacillate between being ‘on’ or ‘off’ ministry mode. We are making disciples at every moment. Sitting around our family tables, talking with an acquaintance on the street, engaging with a neighbor’s suffering, doing our day job, we are always making disciples. To be a disciple maker is to live intentionally at every moment, in every aspect of life. We are always bringing Christ glory and drawing others to Him using every strategy available to us.

When a disaster hits like the recent earthquake in history, we are providing physical relief and we are making disciples. When life is being lived in the day to day, we are reaching out to those around us and making disciples. Because of this, souls are being won for Christ constantly. Our life is fruitful in every sense of the word, and it only increases.

Disciple makers make disciple makers who in turn begin to make disciple makers. The word of God can spread more rapidly through this multiplication than any single minded effort we could come up with.

An Outward Focused Love

Disciple makers, at our core, exist for the world. We are secure in our relationship with Jesus and thriving in the knowledge of His love for us and our sealed eternity. However, like Paul, we recognize that we are needed here in this moment of human history and therefore we make our focus outward (Philippians 1). We live for those around us, searching out opportunities to continually draw them closer to Christ and their own eternal security. We can not be self focused or we will fail to make disciples.

We do this by loving radically. We can not exist for the world with selfish love and inwardly focused motivation. No; we must be moved by love! Every conversation, act of service, and relationship formed must be founded by love and nurtured with love.This is only possible because of the love of Christ which dwells richly in us and flows freely through us (Colossians 3:16)!

A Life of Integrity

This love of Christ and man, this outwardly focused disciple making requires at it’s core living with integrity. Therefore, to accomplish our God given purpose and honor He who is without stain or spot, we live with absolute integrity (Ephesians 5:27). In our jobs, in our relationships, in every creative pursuit we are committed to integrity. Without integrity focused living our love and our disciple making mean nothing. We are useless, empty shells if we do not commit to doing all things uprightly. 

You are a Disciple Maker

This is why, at GCM one of our vision statements is as follows: We are disciple makers and we exist for the world. If we do not love radically and live with integrity then we have nothing. We encourage you today, disciple maker, to examine your own life. Are you making disciples at every turn with radical love and true integrity? To truly be effective, you must be. We believe that living like this is not only possible, it’s the standard set before us in scripture and joyfully lived out by disciple makers all over the world. Wherever you are, you too can join us and make world changing disciples. 

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