We are the Underground Church

Who We Aren’t

There are many ministries worldwide who focus on bringing aid to and telling the stories of the underground church. These ministries are helpful and often encouraging to the members of the underground church. They provide practical relief where it is needed, as well as an opportunity for the persecuted church to share the realities of life with the rest of the world, and then they return back to their own homes and countries. Global Catalytic Ministries is not one of these ministries.

We are the Underground Church

We are the underground church. Worldwide, our disciple makers come from persecuted nations and ministers to persecuted nations. We are made up of a people living in the hardest and darkest places and beyond, sharing the love of Jesus in the most difficult of circumstances. As we make disciples in the hardest nations, our ministry grows organically with disciple makers also from those nations. We do not simply visit persecuted nations, snapping a few pictures and recording an encouraging story or two. No. We make our homes there. We raise our children there. We live and work and know and love these nations. The underground church is our home. We are the underground church, telling our own stories.

Standing Together

At the same time, we have global partners who aren’t themselves living in persecuted nations. However, through financial partnership and prayer, they have joined in unity with our team. They too, have become the underground church: taking on the burdens of those in the darkest nations as if they were their own. By doing so, they can stand with the underground church in a personal way, sharing the ache of hardship and the joy of seeing Jesus break in in unprecedented ways.

The Global Bride

We are the church. The worldwide, global bride of Jesus. Persecuted or not, we stand with the underground church- with our feet in the soil of these nations or our finances and prayers watering the seeds on the ground. At Global Catalytic Ministries, one of our mission statements is as follows: We are the underground church. We don’t just tell the stories of the underground church, we are the underground church.

We are the underground church

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