Project Mahsa

What the world is witnessing through the protests is the heart of the Iranian people. The are a noble people who desire to remove the suffocating hands of the regime from their throats. They yearn for liberty. We know however that western forms of freedom alone cannot deliver mankind. True freedom only comes from Jesus and the work of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of all who welcome Him in. Please pray for us and we continue with the work of making disciples and setting the prisoners free. We have been doing this for years and will continue to do so regardless as to who rules the country. We do not know what these latests protest will produce, but we know that the Gospel will be proclaimed throughout the whole earth, then the end of this wicked age will come, and Jesus will rule the whole earth. Let us labor together for this beautiful goal. God Bless you all. Maranatha


Project Mahsa - Iranian underground church

We are calling the world to pray and help fuel the movement that God started years ago in Iran. GCM is launching a campaign to raise $2 million to help support the underground church. Civil War is on the brink and we dont know how this will play out politicly, but we are dedicated to continue to make disciples in the darkest places on earth. Let us labor together for this beautiful goal.

Total Iran Goal: $2 Million