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A Recent Story from One of Our Disciple Makers:

I live in a restricted nation where I serve as a GCM Core Disciple Maker. I have always prayed that God would work in the hospital in the city where I live. I have a huge heart for this hospital and was praying that God would use me to bring spiritual healing there. He did so through a Woman of Peace I am working with.

One evening, when the lady was working at her house, she broke her hand, and she asked me to take her to the hospital. There, they said that she had broken all the bones in her hand, but because it was after hours, there were no doctors there. They took an X-ray of her hand and instructed us to return the next day.

In her pain, I began to pray that God would heal her severely-broken hand. The next morning, we returned to the hospital where a doctor took another X-ray. When he looked at the second X-ray, he was astonished. There was no evidence of any damage. The doctor asked, “How is this possible? There is nothing that shows her hand has ever been broken, and this hand is perfectly healthy.”

Then I started telling the doctor about God, about how He loves people and wants to heal them, and that He is a God of miracles. The doctor said, “I want to hear more.” So, I started sharing the Bible with him. I have faith that soon the whole hospital will come to faith.

*GCM’s Bible studies are a Muslim-focused journey of discovering the true God and His gift of salvation through specific verses of the scripture. Typically, GCM Disciple Makers start Bible studies with spiritually open Muslims (Men or Women of Peace) and their circle of friends and family members. The goal is for this group to eventually accept Christ, be baptized and form a new house church.


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