The Man in White Delivers from Darkness

“Who is this one who takes away sin?



God is moving in such powerful ways in the Middle East, stopping at nothing to reach people with His love and truth. We consider it a privilege to share what God is doing through simple, obedient followers of Christ in these dark regions.

Naghma had been depressed for over four years when she met one of our disciple makers. She never wanted to open up and talk to anyone, but she felt so safe and comfortable with this disciple maker that, surprisingly, she opened up quite easily. Naghma shared how she was seeing intensely dark images in her room and being troubled spiritually. She felt these dark things that would come to her were unbelievable, so she kept it to herself. Even her family did not know what was going on with her. Finally, comfortable enough to share, our disciple maker was able to pray for Naghma and for these dark things to go away.

During a visit with our disciple maker, Naghma confided that someone else had visited her—a Man in White. She thought perhaps he was a prophet, but she definitely knew He was not evil like the other things that had been afflicting her. Naghma described when this Man in White came to her, He took her heart and blew on it and it became white. He then put her heart back in her, causing her face to shine. From this time on, the evil spirits stopped coming into Naghma’s room and tormenting her. And she began to regularly ask questions and pray with this disciple maker.

Throughout these weeks of meeting together, the disciple maker had been sharing Bible passages with Naghma. On the particular week that she had the visitation of the Man in White, the Bible passage was Isaiah 53.

“But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities;
The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, And by His stripes we are healed.”

— Isaiah 53:5

When Naghma read this passage, she was consumed by every detail. Reading it over and over, she came back to the disciple maker with many questions asking, “Who is this one who takes away sin?” The disciple maker directed her to pray and ask God for her answer and continued to give her more Bible passages.

Meanwhile, all of Naghma’s family is noticing changes in her. She is happy and no longer depressed. They are inquiring about this new friend of hers and the stories she is reading. As a result, Naghma’s mother and sisters have begun meeting together to read these Bible passages. Now, the whole family is open and excited to hear more.

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