Women Are Rising Up in the Middle East


In the Middle East, amid ongoing war and turmoil, many women are victims of gender violence and forced marriages, often struggling to maintain life’s daily necessities. Despite their challenging lifestyles, these courageous and strong women have adapted to the world around them. Among this chaos, God is raising up women who follow Him to liberate their people from the enemy’s plans.

Here is a brief testimony from
Aisha, a former drug addict:

I had started a ministry to drug addicts and continued with it. Jesus became my husband, and I loved Him more and more every day…My husband also serves in ministry with me and now my daughter is 5. She knows Jesus, prays, and has a beautiful relationship with the Lord. I am serving the Lord with all my mind, body, and soul. I have given my life, my husband, and my child to the Lord so I can serve Him with all that I am without anything in the way. Nothing can separate me from Jesus.
— Aisha, GCM Core Disciple Maker

In the Bible, women are identified as being virtuous (Proverbs 31:10-31). God created a natural ability in women that causes them to rise and confront, when necessary. Women possess an inner strength that enables them to fight like a lioness defending her cubs. In these last days, many women have risen to another level. Once a woman understands her calling and the spiritual gifting that is on her life, she becomes God’s secret weapon of war, which infuriates Satan since he knows that women will have a positive impact in their communities for God’s Kingdom.

Ever since the Garden of Eden, the devil has assaulted women, desiring to hinder and or shut down God’s call on their lives. However, there are women who God is raising up who are functioning in critical roles in the Middle Eastern church simply because they love and obey Jesus. They desire to see positive change in their communities and future generations. As a result, many risk the possibility of rape, arrest, prison or even being put to death for advancing God’s Kingdom. But that does not stop them from obeying God’s mandate to make disciples, which is what is happening around the Middle East, even in the most restricted nations.

Even though the Middle East is full of challenges, war, oppression and violence, God is moving in women who have surrendered their lives to Him—women like Aisha. They are courageously risking their lives to share what God has done for them, causing the people around them to know the One who loves them beyond measure. As a result, God’s Kingdom is advancing, leaving the enemy defeated and infuriated. And may it advance more and more all for His glory.

From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence, and forceful people lay hold of it.
— Matthew 11:12 (NET)

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