Compassion for Afghanistan


urgent brief for prayer and opportunity to give compassionately to Afghanistan

Last winter, on one of our prayer calls to this country, an in-country believer shared how cold they were. They said it is not like in the West where you can just turn on your heater. Sometimes the electricity goes out (often actually) and other times it works poorly, if at all. Can you imagine living in sub-zero weather without heat? The housing conditions are such that many homes can’t hold in the heat. The image of seeing this gospel worker bundled up sharing with us on a prayer call, has been etched in my mind.

This winter to date at least 21 people have died due to the cold weather and heavy snowfalls in parts of the country. We also know of 1 family who had to sell their 45-day-old baby for 50,000 Afghani (equivalent of $650 USD) to pay for food and blankets and two other families also sold their children in the past weeks.



Praying about this issue, we acknowledge that it is a great opportunity to help these families and access people who would normally be difficult to access by serving them with blankets and heating supplies. We desire your partnership to help 100 of the poorest families by sending funds into the country to workers who can buy the supplies and deliver them. For approximately $200 USD, we can provide two months of assistance for a family of 6 to 7 people. Can you imagine? Just $200 could save a family’s life. Would you like to support a family for the winter? Give now to GCM, choose the fund “Afghanistan Winter Relief” and we will urgently get the funds to disciple makers who will compassionately serve these families.

Please pray today for the believers inside this country to have more than enough to give to their neighbors and that God would use them in impactful ways to access hard to reach families during the winter. Pray especially for protection from the violent atmosphere and extreme winter conditions.

Thank you for your prayers for these special people and land.


Please pray for Afghan families today.

Please pray for Afghan families today.


Give today and help keep an afghan family warm through the winter

Be sure to choose “Afghanistan Winter Relief” from the fund selections.

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