Understanding Islam & How to Pray for the Muslim World


Since a part of this blog’s goal is to equip our readers to pray with understanding, we call it The Discipleship Blog. GCM is all about discipleship, and we hope we can inspire and equip you to pray for our disciple makers in restricted Islamic nations, as well as add value to your life as a disciple of Christ. To help equip you in understanding the Muslim world and partner with us in prayer, we have a special three-part series this month titled ‘Understanding Islam and How to Pray for the Muslim World.’ We believe this series will help you pray with God’s heart for Muslims around the world.


Character Defines Our God

Character is truly what defines a person. The Bible is littered with scriptures that speak of good and moral character. We, Followers of Christ, should have the goal of developing the character and nature of Jesus and character is the heart of an individual, especially of a ‘god.’

When it comes to reaching Muslims for Christ, some barriers that may be a hindrance to them becoming a disciple of Christ include their dedication to their faith and god, family upbringing, tradition, and false teachings about Christianity. So, what can move a Muslim to accept the God of the Bible? The answer seems to go back to the character of God, which embodies love that leads to relationship.

Relationship is one of the keys, if not the most important, for a Muslim to comprehend and accept the love of God. It is relationship that separates God and Allah and what Muslims do not have with their god. Yet it is the epitome of what they can have with the God of the Bible.

As Followers of Christ, we look to the Bible to learn about the character of God. Among many characteristics, He is compassionate, generous, committed, sacrificial, gentle, and patient. All of these traits are encompassed in one word—love. For most Muslims, the Trinity of God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—is a major stumbling block. However, it is the Trinity that helps them understand the love God has for them as well the relationship He wants to share with them. It is vital that Muslims understand that God is capable and willing to have a relationship with them, while Allah is not due to his character.

““He who has seen me has seen the Father, the Father and I are one.” ”

— John 14:9

The Trinity is the essence of who the Christian God is—three persons in one Being. The God of the Jews and Christians is one God and the scriptures make it quite clear that God is one God.

““Listen Israel! The Lord is God, the Lord is One.” ”

— Deuteronomy 6:4

The Trinity is the way God has revealed Himself to all of mankind. It is not a matter of mathematics or science, but a matter of character. It is who He is, and no manner of human language can explain it. Different types of examples and scenarios can be used to try and explain it, but they do not adequately provide an answer for us to truly grasp and understand Him. But that is okay. We don’t have to understand everything. However, we do need to know, and help Muslims understand, that because of the Trinity, relationship with God exists. God—the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—have always existed and have always had relationship. He knows how to have relationship, which is the essence of the Trinity. And this is what God desires with His children. However, Muslims are missing this critical link of relationship with their god. Allah is not a god of relationship nor is he capable of it.

How to pray

Let us as Followers of Christ pray that sincere, God-seeking Muslims would find a deep dissatisfaction in the lack of relationship that Islam brings. Pray that they would desire and crave relationship with the God of the Bible, and that through this dissatisfaction, they would be awakened to the lie of Islam and to the truth of God, our Lord Jesus Christ.


Father of glory, would You pour out Your Spirit today over Muslims in restricted areas, specifically those You would prepare right now who will be interfacing with GCM’s disciple makers. Prepare these Muslims’ hearts right now with seeds of doubt regarding Islam and Allah. Open their eyes to see that Allah can never give them love or relationship. Touch their hearts with a burden to truly know You, the one true God, the Three-in-One. In the name of Jesus, we pray, amen.

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