Let There Be Light


“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

— John 1:5

The Word of God is so much more powerful than we think. We believe we need to use evangelism tactics and strategies to reach the lost, but the Holy Spirit speaks to them through the living Word. Do you believe it? It is true. Our disciple makers are sharing the Word of God with Muslims and reporting the incredible transformations that are happening.

One of our disciple makers met a young girl who has been emotionally troubled her whole life since she was forced to live as a male child, which is a common practice in parts of the Middle East. When a family has not yet bore a son, for many reason they may choose a daughter who will be raised as a son. This tradition allows the family to avoid the social stigma associated with not having any male children. These girls may go outside for shopping alone, bring their sisters from school, get a job, play a sport and play any other roles of a boy in society. (source)

However, in this particular case, the girl was upset and did not want to be a boy, traumatizing her. Our disciple maker prayed and asked God what Bible story to share with her. It seemed unusual to choose to share the creation story, but this is what the Lord led her to share. In obedience, she read to her:

“God said, ‘let there be light’, and there was light.”

— Genesis 1:3

Eventually, this young girl was able to go back to being a female in her culture. This Bible story was the beginning of what has led her to the light of the world—Jesus. We can trust in the power of the Word. The Word is alive and He is the one who gives life to the dead and brings light into darkness.

For someone living in such a dark place to realize that when God speaks, light comes into the darkness. This was highly significant to her. When asked what she got out of this story, she understood this to be the truth, not just a nice story. The revelation understanding that she got was that the light came into the darkness, and the darkness could not overpower it.


This is one of thousands of stories coming from those making disciples through sharing the Word of God. Read more stories on our blog and testimonies page.




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