The Man In White


When interviewing an underground church leader in the Middle East, we asked, “What do you think of a Christian spokesperson saying the “Man in White” stories are made up?” Her response was astonishing.

“Where I live, we have never heard of this spokesperson, but EVERYONE has heard of the Man in White.”

— Underground Church Leader

You may have heard about this “Man in White” who has been going around Muslim nations for sometime, visiting Muslims in dreams, visions, and even when they are awake, joining them in various settings. It is an honor to hear these stories and share them with you. We pray your faith will be increased today as you hear this story of a man we will call Omar.


For around 30 years, Omar was a drug addict, living in a village that was quite a distance from the large capital city of this closed Middle Eastern nation. One day, he ran away to the capital city because his uncle, who is a religious leader, wanted to send him to fight in the war. His uncle justified that if Omar was killed in battle it would be not a “big loss” since he was, after all, just a drug addict.

One day, Omar told the following dream to one of our disciple makers. In the dream, he was running while a Man in White was running behind him. Omar kept running and running until there was a wall in front of him and he couldn’t run anymore. Forced to stop, Omar turned around to see if the Man in White was still behind him. He was.

Omar was terribly afraid, but then the Man in White, who had wound scars in his hands, hugged him. Omar had never felt so much love as he felt when this man hugged him.

This is just one of many stories we want to share with you, which are the result of your prayers and generous giving to the Underground Church. Thank you for partnering with us. More stories to come…

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