“I just need to know you love me”


Drug use and addiction rates in the Middle East are especially high, and we often find that Muslims who have lost hope have turned to substance abuse to drown the sorrows of their deteriorating environment. Poor marriages, sexual abuse, and economic crisis are not the result that an Islamic “utopia” promised to create. Because of this, their circumstances and surroundings only appear to be getting bleaker.

Many times when we meet Muslims they eagerly receive the hope of Jesus Christ, but they still need the practical help of walking out their new-found faith. When their family members and community see their strides to get off of drugs, they are intrigued and want to know where this hope that they have found comes from. Watching Jesus transform lives gives us such great joy.

One example is of a young lady that we met named Sahar. She had been selling herself as a prostitute to make money to pay for the drug addiction of her father and brother. Her life was not her own, and she had to work several jobs to take care of them. When we invited her to a Bible study it was her answer to prayer. Earlier that day, she had been riding the bus and had prayed to God, “I just need to feel you hug me. I need to know you love me.” When our disciple makers met her, she could feel the love of God in them. The next day when they called her to see how she was doing, she said it felt as if God had hugged her.

Sahar continued to meet with our disciple makers and as she learned what the Bible said, and how much God loved her, she began to see God work in her family. Shortly thereafter her brother went to rehab and for the first time he stayed clean after the program. Sahar stopped prostituting and now continues regular Bible studies with our GCM disciple makers.

Thank you for your continued prayers for such as these and believing with us that God can and will continue to bring the true hope of Jesus Christ to Muslims worldwide.

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Every GCM Disciple Maker seeks “Persons of Peace,” individuals who are spiritually open, by initiating intentional conversations.

A gift of only $50 enables a Disciple Maker to start such life-transforming conversations. Will you give today to lead even more Muslims like Sahar to Christ? Thank you for helping us reach them.

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