Compassion for the Broken and Rejected

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“When we heard about it, our hearts melted, and no spirit remained any more in anyone because of you. For Adonai, your God, He is God, in heaven above and on earth below. ”

— Joshua 2:11

In Joshua chapter two, we read the story of how God used the faith of a prostitute to bring victory to the Israelites. You may be familiar with Rahab’s story, a woman of no consequence who was living in Jericho. The word had gotten out that there were miracles being done by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but these were more than just rumors; the people of the village were full of fear and awe. Rahab knew these men meant business and surely they would succeed in taking the village because God was with them. When they stumbled upon her house, it was no accident but rather a divine appointment. Read the full story of Rahab here.

Some people look at Rahab and see only a prostitute, but when we look at this passage, we see her as a woman of peace. She was the person God prepared for His purpose. Her heart was made ready and she had the faith to receive the men who arrived at her door as servants of the most high God.

Read the full story of Rahab in Joshua, Chapter 2.

When our disciple makers meet prostitutes, we take this same approach. On the outside, they may look like women of little consequence, but we know that among them are women of peace whose hearts have been prepared to receive God and make a way for the kingdom to enter their communities. It all starts with compassion. We pray that the Lord would give us greater compassion to reach those that are unloved, hurting, and discarded by society.

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