Our Leaders are Establishing Churches

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The daily life of GCM disciple makers is one of providing compass settings in Scripture, guiding people in their discovery process to the next way-station and then the next in becoming Christ followers.  It is exciting that establishing churches will be a natural outcome of a person’s Disciple-Making Ministry (DMM) discovery process.

As people are obedient in application of Scripture in their lives, many will move toward conversion and baptism and then begin to understand what it means to be a church.  We don’t seek to short-cut these personal discovery processes in DMM for it is wonderful when people simply discover that they are a church!  And, when this happens the DMM coach can change gears to help them observe the sacraments and operate in the gifts and offices of the church.

All of us have been given a mandate by Jesus to make disciples of all nations, teaching others to obey what He taught us.  Jesus said that the Kingdom is like a mustard seed, that eventually provides life-giving shelter for many (Matthew 13:31).  It is very different from the historical western view of  ‘Salvation’ as the end goal.  It is a joy to bring these Kingdom of God principles into our circles of influence with the all of the DNA of personal discovery, obedience and application of gifts.

We invite you to join us in praying for our GCM team of disciple makers as they serve daily as compass-bearing guides. We pray GCM’s disciple making strategy can be infused into your own life and the context of your culture.

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