Training Believers to Transform the Muslim World Through Jesus Christ

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The Muslim world is experiencing a spiritual revolution not seen since the rise of Islam in the seventh century. This time, the revolution is a widespread rejection of Islam and a search for the true God.

For example, in Afghanistan, registered as number two on the Open Doors list of countries where persecution of Christians is most extreme, college students are angry with Islam for what it has done to their country. They want positive change and are considering other ideas, including Christianity. In numerous cities of the country, student groups are being established for dialogue.

Such truth-seeking groups provide excellent entry opportunities for GCM disciple makers to begin conversations with Muslims who are spiritually open and start them on the journey of discovering God.

Not only in Afghanistan, but throughout the Muslim world, God is opening hearts to receive His truth. Our GCM disciple makers report an increase of dreams, visions and miracles from God being experienced by the people they encounter. As Maryam, a GCM disciple maker working in a restricted Muslim country, reports:

“We see miracles every day and experience His hand in our lives. When we find people to talk to about Him, He is there. I know that God is doing everything, and I’m not doing anything. I’m just a person delivering the message. It is awesome, and we have so much joy in experiencing God every day!”

Beyond leading Muslims to Christ, GCM’s goal is to train new believers to be effective messengers of the Gospel, empowered to show other Muslims the truth and form new house churches. In a ripple effect, our goal is for these churches to replicate themselves until all Muslims throughout the world have had the opportunity to learn about Jesus and be transformed by Him!

Through the support and prayers of friends like you, GCM is training Muslim background believers (MBB’s) globally to be effective messengers of the Gospel, just like Maryam. In 2018 alone, more than 200 Christian leaders from restricted Muslim countries and other countries with significant Muslim populations were trained in the Disciple-Making Movement strategy.

Along with you, we look forward to how the Holy Spirit will lead and use these dedicated believers to multiply the message of forgiveness, freedom, and abundant life through Jesus Christ among Muslims in even the most resistant strongholds of the enemy.

Thank you again for your faithful partnership in this Kingdom effort—until every Muslim has heard!

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