Life Underground


“We are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed.

What does a life fully surrendered to God look like? What if you could define it in just one word, or see it in just one man? Jesus is the perfect example of what living a life that is completely surrendered to God looks like. Jesus started His “ministry” at around age thirty. He left His home town and followed the Father’s leading in His search for disciples. He found men and women who were willing to not only follow Him, but were also open to the words He spoke to them. Jesus called these men and women persons of peace (Luke 10:6). Today, we at GCM strive to live and do ministry as Jesus did, looking to make disciples of the people of peace. In the West, the social context looks very different from the days of Jesus, but here in Restricted Islamic Nations it looks very similar. Christians are by far the minority and persecution such as beatings, arrests and rape are something we have to navigate. Here is a real-life story from one of our Disciple Makers, Sari.

“One day when Sari was out, a woman in a full burka with only her eyes showing called to her from down the street. Sari assumed the woman must know her because the woman called her by name. The woman gave Sari cake to eat (it is custom to sit with someone and eat with them if they offer you food). So, they sat together, and Sari ate the food she had been given but the woman did not eat hers. Sari ended up in the hospital shortly after, as it turns out she had been poisoned by the food she was given and ended up bleeding in the hospital. Yet despite all of the persecution Sari has undergone, she continues to find strength in her calling to this people and asks God to continue to increase her love for them.”

For us, life underground looks like a life fully surrendered to God, like Jesus’ was. Even if they poison us, beat us or imprison us we will continue to love them by the grace of God. We seek out the people of peace and follow where the Holy Spirit leads us. We understand that your prayers are a covering for us. When our friends pray for us, we see and feel the difference in our ministry. Thank you for partnering with us in prayer and thank you for raising awareness so others can join our prayer team.


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