A Muslim Man and Daughter Healed

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“Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

— Ephesians 6:12

The aim of our ministry to the Muslim world is for men, women and families to fall in love with God.

So often, this process begins as a GCM disciple maker prays, asking God to direct them to the person He wants to reach. The Spirit then gives the disciple maker an insight to share with that person, or a relevant story from the Bible that raises the person’s interest in learning more about God. This process can be stated like this: Prayer + Holy Spirit + Scripture = Heart Open to God

The testimonies we share with you are great examples of this process in action. It’s our blessing to share another powerful testimony with you. We pray that it will encourage you in your commitment to stand alongside GCM disciple makers in reaching Muslims for Christ!


In a community gathering, Ahmad, a CGM disciple maker asked God to show him who to talk with. When a man stood to make a statement, Ahmad felt the Holy Spirit’s prompting to pray for the man and his family.

Afterward, Ahmad approached the man and began a conversation with him. He told the man that God had prompted him to pray for him and his family, even before they met. It is not uncommon for Middle Easterners to share openly, and the man said that he and his daughter suffered from epileptic seizures. He shared that his father was an Islamic exorcist and that he had brought a female spirit into the man’s life who tells him what to do. He said that the spirit told him to divorce his wife. Even more, the man said that every night, the spirit beats him and causes his daughter to shake violently in her sleep. He even showed Ahmad the marks on his body from the nightly beatings.

Ahmad then shared with the man that he had experienced God in a powerful way in his own life and that he knew God cared for this man. He said to the man, “I can show you how powerful God is: Tonight, you will have a restful night of sleep.”

Four days later, when Ahmad and the man met again, the man exclaimed, “My daughter and I have been sleeping every night, and I have no bruises. I still see a spirit trying to attack, but I have no bruises!”

“Why do you think God sent me to you?” Ahmad asked the man. “I don’t know,” he responded. Ahmad then said, “It is because God wants to heal your whole family together.”

Today, the man and his family are involved in a Discovery Bible Study group, learning about the true God who so powerfully delivered them from evil!

Thank you again for supporting GCM disciple makers like Ahmad as they faithfully pray for and follow the Spirit’s leading during the thousands of conversations they have with Muslims each year.

If this story has impacted you, consider sharing it on your social media page and help spread awareness with us! God is doing great things- let’s shine some light on it!

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