Samira – A Story of Redemption

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“I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”

— Luke 5:32

Islam is not the answer. That’s what countless Muslims have come to realize. But without someone to share Christ and the message of His love and mercy with them, they often turn to other means, such as destructive addictions, to fill the emptiness in their lives. Tragically, alcoholism and drug abuse are rampant in the Muslim world. And feeding these addictions, crime and prostitution are also commonplace.

That’s why your faithful prayers and financial support for GCM’s Disciple Makers are so important! You are empowering these dedicated frontline workers to minister God’s redemptive compassion to Muslims desperate to hear the truth of His Word.

Even in the most restricted regions, where the very mention of Jesus’ name is life-threatening, Disciple Makers are following God’s lead and sharing the Gospel with people who have given up on life. People like Samira …

Samira’s life was difficult from the beginning. Her divorced parents were both drug addicts, and her mother, with whom Samira and her two sisters lived, was physically abusive. The pain only deepened when her older sister committed suicide and her mother went to jail.

At age 13, Samira ran away from home and started living in a cardboard box on the streets. By 16, she too was addicted to drugs and had turned to a life of prostitution. At her lowest point, Samira attempted suicide.

That’s when God brought two GCM Disciple Makers into her life. Samira began meeting with these two women and attending a Bible study where she accepted Christ. But not long after, she fell back into her old ways.

However, the Disciple Makers didn’t give up on Samira. They pursued her, continuing to show her compassion and mercy. Today, Samira’s relationship with God is restored and growing stronger every day.

Thank you again for playing such an important role in such stories of redemption as Samira’s! You are a valued partner and friend in the GCM mission to transform Muslims worldwide through Jesus Christ.

In Christ,

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