Our Vision: Former Muslims, transformed into obedient disciples of Jesus Christ, launching and nurturing disciple-making movements in their own countries or among their people group, and replicating themselves for a least four generations of house church leaders.


By 2026, GCM aims to plant 10,000 self-replicating churches in the Middle East. Our ministry teams talk to Muslims, look for people open to God’s Word, and start Discovery Bible Study groups…leading to baptisms, spreading of the Word, and new churches.


GCM has found that the most marginalized communities in the Middle East are not only in great need of God’s love, but they are also the most receptive groups to the Gospel message. We reach out to drug addicts, prostitutes, and runaways, with God’s transformative love, both materially and spiritually.


GCM trains disciple-makers to be more effective in their outreach. We strengthen them, develop them, encourage them, and prepare them for the challenges of outreach under persecution.

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As a reader of WORLD magazine, you know
the importance of this cause. It is not a trend,
a brief news item, or an optional project. It is
the future of the Church. GCM is in the vanguard
of evangelism and growth in perhaps the most
central region in the world today.


You can bring Jesus to the hopeless.
You can help transform Muslim communities and nations.
Never before have Muslims been so open to the Gospel.
Thousands are turning to Christ!

You are needed in this historical movement of God.
This ministry is carried out almost entirely
by volunteer disciple makers. It cannot be done without
your prayer and financial support.

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