Any time I obeyed God, He solved one of my mental illness…Now every day God is using me to give His good message to sad people.

I am Samaneh, 26 years old from Tehran.

I am single and I am a hair dresser and I work in my mother’s beauty salon. I believed in Jesus Christ 5 months ago and this is my testimony of how I believed in Jesus Christ.

Since I was a teenager I faced many problems and all these challenges made me a depressed girl. I wished to talk to somebody about my problems and I was looking for joy and peace in my relationships. I tried many counselors and many doctors and also many friends. All of them gave me good solutions but none of them worked.

As my life was passing, my depression was getting worse. I didn’t have special problems but most of the times, I was worry and I was afraid of future.

Once I met a new friend on my way to shopping and she asked an address and I helped her in finding the way and it was beginning of our friendship. When I found out that she is a counselor and can helps me I wished to talk to her more.

After a week she told me the scriptures about God and I loved reading and learning them. They became like a doctor I had never had before and God helped me through them and gave me peace. Any time I obeyed God, He solved one of my mental illness.

After I read more about Jesus Christ, I believed in Jesus Christ and I asked Him to forgive my sins and wash me. It was a great experience and it was as if the burdens of all my life were picked from my shoulders. I have started living as a happy girl since that day and my mother and family were wondered so they asked the reason and asked me to tell them the gospel too.

Now every day God is using me to give His good message to sad people because I was so sad that I was looking for different councilors most of the times. God has given his heart to me for depressed girls. I am working hard and I don’t have free time but still I talk to people and tell about God’s love. I am telling this truth to five people right now.

It’s God’s work that let me have such a difficult life that I can help people who have a similar past as mine.

God wishes to use me for bring people to his kingdom and so do I.