Hello my name is Mohsen. I am 32 years old. I was born in an almost-religious family. My father was not very religious but my mother was saying her prayers just on time and she was fasting most of the time. I have been working since I was very young. I have a bakery and I love my job very much. I worked hard so soon I made a lot of money. And I bought house and car.

Previous Mohsen who was happy had died. Now I was bankrupt, depressed and a drug addict.

I usually work from 7 AM hard until midnight. I had many customers from all over the area. I was busy working and I had friends whom with I went to fun and journey.

During my time with friends, I started drinking alcohol and using drugs for fun. I loved a lady for a while and we were friends. I thought now that I have a good life, I should marry her, so I asked my parents to go to suit her for me. Finally we got married and I started my marital life. Everything was good but I was becoming more addicted to drugs. I used it every day, no longer only for fun.

I was not a patient man. As my addiction grew, my patience became worse than ever. After a while I found out that my employees had stolen many things and money. Meanwhile my wife started quarrelling and asking for divorce and I had lost all my properties like this. My credit was gone also and everything was gone completely. Again I came back to my parent’s house but this time I was an addicted and depressed man. Previous Mohsen who was happy had died. Now I was bankrupt,depressed and a drug addict.

I decided to give up addiction so I tried hard and finally I could give it up but still I was depressed. I had to go to work again so I went to one of my previous co-worker and he told that he will help me. He gave me goods for selling and I opened a new small store to sell his goods and little by little pay his money back. My store is so small that only I can go in.

I had lost all my hope to life and God.

In this period I had been turned to a neutral man because of my bankrupting and my addiction. Nobody could talk to me. Most of the time I was busy asking God why he is not helping me. I said to Him now that I am free from addiction and bad friends so why there is no hope from You in my life.

In my difficult days my mother was helping and encouraging me. After a short time we were informed that she has cancer. We took her to different doctors and paid a lot of money but it was ineffective and finally I lost her.
God didn’t help me here too and I was worse than ever. I had lost all my hope to life and God. Before knowing about my mother’s disease I was engaged another lady but after my mother died there was nobody to help me so I stopped my relationship with that lady too.

They had happy and kind faces and they started talking about God to me.

One day I was at my store and I was thinking about my problems when two guys came to me and asked the prices of some goods. They had happy and kind faces and they started talking about God to me. They told me that God has changed all their lives. They had many difficulties in their life too but the difference was that God had changed their life. They had a close relationship with God and that was something I was looking for since my childhood. They told me details about God and I asked them to come back and tell me more.

I heard about real God, Jesus Christ.

A few days later my new friends brought me scripture and I started reading about God and after awhile I found out that God is changing my life and some kind of joy was coming to my life. I heard about real God, Jesus Christ. He transformed me and any time I obeyed Him something miraculously happened in my life.

Now I know who God is and he hasn’t left me and he came to me just on perfect time. He has made a new Mohsen who is trying to rebuild his life from the Mohsen who was depressed and addicted. Everybody around me are wondering how I am transformed.

Now I am reading more and I am experiencing new things in my life that I will share with you in future.
Thank you. God bless you!