Fastest Church Growth in the World

Ten years ago, Global Catalytic Ministries’ core strategy helped spark an underground Christian movement in one of the world’s leading terrorist countries. That movement is ablaze today. The GCM network of 363 nationals (340 volunteer leaders, 20 lay pastor-leaders, and three senior pastors) is expanding God’s Kingdom in the 10/40 Window1 by conducting one-on-one evangelism, planting underground churches, and forming self-replicating disciples.

A Unique Ministry

No one can reach Muslims more quickly and effectively than one who has been transformed by Christ, understands the culture, and knows the language. GCM’s unique ministry is carried out entirely by nationals and former Muslims—some of whom even were terrorists. All are passionate about bringing the Gospel to their fellow countrymen, and do so at great personal cost and risk.

A Courageous Ministry

Open Doors’ “World Watch List” ranks countries in the 10/40 Windows as the most oppressive in the world. Terrorism is sanctioned by local civil and/or religious authorities. For GCM leaders, danger is ever-present, and they risk their life every day out of devotion to the Lord. When they leave on daily evangelism outreaches, they face the possibility of never again seeing their loved ones.

A Fruitful Ministry

God has been preparing the hearts of Muslims to be receptive to the Prince of Peace, and He is blessing GCM’s ministry with abundant fruit. In 2015 alone, GCM teams conducted purposeful conversations with more than 27,600 Muslims, across seven people groups—engaging an average of 2,300 nonbelievers each month. In that same period, GCM planted 20 new underground churches.

In one restricted-access country alone, God has brought to Himself more than 4,000 Christians throughout 90 cities. They gather for worship and in-depth Bible studies in some 400 underground house-churches. That country is playing a unique role in God’s plan of salvation, and GCM sees it as a sending nation that, within a few years, will make a profound impact for Christ throughout the entire region. GCM’s core strategy is so effective that GCM now trains other missionary groups, at their request.

GCM’s Core Strategy

GCM’s disciple-making ministry is rooted in sound, evangelical doctrine and obedience to Christ. The methodology goes beyond bringing people to Jesus and bears lasting fruit. Based on Christ’s instructions in Matthew 10, GCM’s approach is scriptural, relational, and in-depth. It leads to bringing people to Christ, then to multiplying disciples who are eager to share the Gospel within their spheres of influence. The GCM strategy can be summarized as love God, love your neighbor, and go make disciples who obey. The synergy of individuals extending this process through their natural networks brings an ever-increasing spiral of transformation within families and communities.

Following God’s leading, GCM teams initiate conversations with men and women in parks, coffee shops, markets, on trains, etc. The teams focus on finding “persons of peace”—people who are open to spiritual answers to their problems, hospitable, and eager to influence others.

GCM leaders and pastors share a series of stories, Scripture passages they have memorized so no one is caught with a Bible in public. These stories explain the full scope of God’s plan for salvation, from creation to the cross and resurrection.

Once people come to Christ, they are invited to an underground gathering in a private home to worship, fellowship, and study the Bible in-depth. Believers are discipled to more deeply understand biblical truth, live a Christ-transformed life, overcome persecution, safely reach others with the Good News, and form small underground church groups.

Life in the 10/40 Window

For decades, millions of people have lived in the stranglehold of religious totalitarian regimes and their outcomes: war, corruption, economic ruin, and spiritual bankruptcy. Suicides are increasing every year. Unemployment has led to poverty, drugs, crime, and prostitution. Thus, many hearts in the 10/40 Window are uniquely ready for the Prince of Peace.

The majority of the region’s population is younger than 35 years of age. Technologically savvy and electronically connected to the world, young people feel powerless to change the circumstances that oppress their daily life. Despite the fear of severe reprisals associated with dissent, men and women of all ages cry out for freedom.

Freedom in Christ is the only solution for these nations. Regrettably, only a mere 10 percent of foreign missionaries minister in the 10/40 Window, yet it is home to the majority of the world’s unevangelized countries.

Unprecedented Moment in History

Terrorism, totalitarian governments, the rise of ISIS, and social upheavals have created an unparalleled window of opportunity to reach millions of despairing nonbelievers with the Gospel. GCM is seizing this moment to proclaim the message of Christ to Muslims without hope—and thousands are turning to Christ. We are witnessing the Book of Acts in our day!

Near-Term Goals

As individuals are transformed and love their neighbors, they move from being part of the problem to being part of the solution. The foundation is laid for lasting transformation in families and communities.

Over the next 12 to 18 months, and according to available funding, GCM purposes to …

  1. Expand its disciple-making ministry in five to 10 unreached cities of the 10/40 Window, by recruiting six more lay pastor-leaders.
  2. Conduct five-day training sessions for 340 volunteer leaders of underground house-churches.
  3. Provide financial relief to critical GCM staff who are being crushed by hyperinflation and who struggle to survive—some with an income that is 50 percent below their country’s poverty level.
  4. Plant 40 to 50 new, self-replicating underground house-churches.
  5. Travel to four more countries in the 10/40 Window to train 40 to 50 local Christian leaders in launching a disciple-making ministry in their own country.

As a result, GCM expects the following outcomes: 300 to 600 new commitments to Christ, and 40 to 50 new, volunteer leaders of underground house-churches who are forming obedient disciples of Christ.

You Can Help Transform More Hopeless Hearts

This extraordinary opportunity may be short. God has been preparing hearts in the 10/40 Window to be receptive to the Prince of Peace, and He is working through GCM. Your prayers and financial support will avail much, now and for eternity.

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1The 10/40 Window is home to the majority of the world’s unevangelized countries. It includes most of the world’s Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists—4.83 billion individuals in some 8,144 people groups.