I am Hamid, and I am 34 years old.

My job is selling cosmetics. I am married and I have two sons. I had a difficult life. I lost all my family when I was young. My parents and my two sisters died together and I was left with my two brothers.

Their death and heavy burdens of my new life style, made me and my brothers three nervous people. We were fighting most of the times and beating people around us. My brothers are older than me. One of them is 38 years old and the other is 40 years old. Sometimes we even beat each other nearly to death, only to reconcile again.

I was not able to put this anger away and I was also angry with wife. When a car driver blew the horn at street I started beating the driver and hitting his car but soon after that I was regretful. Or when a customer came to my store and I thought he is saying something wrong, I started to kick him out of the store badly and insulted him.

One day like every day two guys came to our store for shopping. One of them started talking about God and I said I love God too but I don’t know Him very much.

He told about his past, that he had anger problem and other problems but God had helped him to put it away. I told him “good for you. But I never could calm down. I am tired of my anger and so is my family.”

I asked him how he could put his anger away. He answered that he is reading about God that help him to be friend with God and in this close relationship God is helping him. I asked him to bring the Scriptures for me and we started reading them. The first thing I learned was that I must love others so I bought a flower for my wife. She loved it because there was a long time I hadn’t done this for her.

In these weeks God has strengthened me and whenever I want to get angry, God is stopping me. Of course I am still weak but God shows me how to treat others and now I am much better than before. Now I am reading more about God. My wife tells me that she feels as if we are in a dream and her words are like a miracle in our marital life. I am very patient in my house and my store. I love to share the Word with my brothers and their families too. I am sure God will transform them too.