Be inspired by Fatimeh’s Transformation.

Fatimeh, a woman in a repressive Muslim country, was horribly betrayed by her own mother. She relates…

From the beginning of my life, I never knew what true love is. My parents would do anything just for a dollar because we were so poor. One day, when I was 16, my mother said, “Go to the fourth floor of our apartment building. A resident there has something for you.” I went inside, and he raped me over and over that day. My mother sent me to his apartment every Thursday, and every time, she received money for selling me to him.

Fatimeh’s life only got worse from there, leading to a failed marriage, prostitution, and narcotic addiction. Finally, now a mother herself, Fatimeh joined a local support group for drug addicts. Here she found sobriety. But she did not find the source of true love to fill the hole in her heart.

At one support group meeting, led by Fatimeh, a GCM Disciple Maker at the same meeting was surprised by the young woman’s sadness:

When Fatimeh spoke, she was very negative. For someone free of addiction and leading a group, this was unusual. She said, “I’m tired of my life,” and she sobbed throughout the whole meeting.

Moved by Fatimeh’s pain, the Disciple Maker shared that she was also an addict—before God came into her life and transformed it forever. Then she asked Fatimeh a powerful question:

Do you want to experience this God who has the power to transform lives?

This simple question is how the GCM process of evangelization begins with people like Fatimeh, desperate for God’s truth and love. Beginning with a “yes” to this question, Fatimeh started on a path of discovering the true God. Ultimately, she was able to forgive her mother and find the joy of motherhood in her own life.

Though she achieved sobriety through a support group for drug addicts, Fatimeh was still empty inside. She says…

I was tired of my life. I had decided to leave my husband and children and run away.

On the very day she decided to abandon her family, God placed someone special in her path—a GCM Disciple Maker. When this caring believer offered to introduce her to the God who has the power to transform lives, a desperate Fatimeh responded, “Yes.”

The Disciple Maker began meeting regularly with Fatimeh, leading her step by step through key Bible stories to discover the true God and Christ’s salvation. As a result, Fatimeh says …

God started to transform my life with every step of obedience that I learned in the Discovery Bible Study sessions we had together. I started to feel love, and it started to fill my heart with joy and peace.

Through these sessions, the Holy Spirit prompted Fatimeh to forgive her mother, who had sold her into prostitution, and her uncle, who had abused her when she was a young teen.

I cried so much, but Jesus gave me the strength to go see my mom and forgive her for all she did. I also went to my uncle’s house and forgave him.

The miraculous changes in Fatimeh’s heart continued, as she was convicted to stop the daily practice of beating her children. She and her husband had been emotionally distant, and she was contemplating divorce, but after these changes in her heart she began to fall in love with him again.

I had such love for him that I started to write poems for him, and I knew that only Jesus could do this.

After a few months of discipleship sessions that led Fatimeh to discover the true God of the Bible, she turned her life over to Christ. She says …

I started to feel love, and it started to fill my heart with joy and peace.

The Holy Spirit first encouraged Fatimeh to take the difficult step of forgiving family members—including her mother—for their past abuse. And the new love of God that filled her heart spilled over into a reconciled relationship with her husband and children.

Then, Fatimeh says …

The Holy Spirit told me, “Tell your family about this God
who has transformed your life.”

Following the same process she had experienced with the GCM Disciple Maker, Fatimeh formed a Discovery Bible Study group with her family. In group sessions she led them, step by step, through key Bible passages to a clear understanding of God’s love and Christ’s gift of salvation. The result?

My mother and family came to Christ!

But Fatimeh didn’t stop there.

I told my family, and then the Lord told me to go tell everyone.
Now I am telling many people about God and introducing them to Jesus
through Discovery Bible Study sessions.

In fact, as of today, Fatimeh has started 25 Discovery Bible Study groups and led 15 people to Christ. She has also started four house churches for new believers to continue their spiritual journey as the Body of Christ.

Thank you for letting us share Fatima’s story with you! We pray that this young woman’s transformation is an encouragement and confirmation of your partnership with GCM to bring the Muslim world to Christ!



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