What is the Night of Power?

Join us in praying June 10th, that Muslims around the world will encounter Jesus as they pray on this special night of Ramadan.

Why should Christians pray during Ramadan?

The Night of Power, or Laylat al-Qadr, is the night during Ramadan that Muslims believe salvation can be granted. It’s “powerful” because it is believed to be the night the Quran was first revealed to Mohammad. It is typical to pray and fast through the night, some Muslims even stay at the mosque until morning to pray. It is common to recite prayers extolling God as the one who saves and forgives, asking for him to forgive their sins.

It is said prayers on this night are worth more than 1000 months of prayer. God often visits people with dreams and visions during this time.

The night changes each year, but it is typically believed to be the 27th night of Ramadan, which would be June 10th, 2018. This adds just another layer of confusion and fear for Muslims as they cannot even be sure whether or not they prayers were accepted.

We want to pray with and for our Muslim neighbors for dreams and visions of the One who offers complete salvation. We pray for them to know true peace and freedom through Jesus Christ.

Pray With Us Today For:

  • Muslims to encounter Jesus
  • Effective witnesses and divine appointments for Believers
  • The safety of the believers reaching out during this heightened time, risking their life


Download this resource:

Night of Power Resource