Hi! My name is Aisha and I am a believer for nine years. My old life was horrible. At the age of 17 I had a boyfriend and we had been friends for 7 years. On my 20th birthday I started to use drugs. My first drug was ecstasy and while I was on ecstasy I started to smoke cigarettes. And while I was doing drugs I also had sex with my boyfriend for the first time.

As I continued my relationship with the boy I became more and more distant from my family. It didn’t take long before I started staying at my boyfriend’s house. It started with one day then it became a month, and then I wouldn’t come home. From the age of 20 until I was 22 I would call my home only very three days or so.

I was deep in the drug scene and I was using hash, crystal, cocaine and smoked cigarettes. That is how my days would be filled. I also started to drink and was having sex with my boyfriend too.

My life was very ugly. I was so messed up. I lived in the boy’s house and his mom would argue with him about me because she hated that I lived with him in his room. I was so high on drugs all the time that I didn’t care what she said as long as I was with my boyfriend. When I was 22 or 23 I left him but my life became worse. That first year that I wasn’t with him I started to sleep around with other guys once a day or every couple of days.

The guys I was having sex with were bigtime drug dealers in my city. I was part of their inner circle and at night I would come home very, very high. Because my family didn’t approve of my life I tried to stay away as much as I could. I always wanted to run away from my house.

During this time my mom and sister became believers in Jesus. After they were believers I really wanted to run away from them. I thought this was just another religion and another way for them to be busy with their life. I thought that what they believed was all fake. After a year I went back to that guy who had been my boyfriend in the beginning. I would rarely go to my parents’ house, only to get money.

Once I came home and there was a house-church meeting at my house. I ran into my bedroom so nobody could see me. I didn’t say hi to anyone and I locked my bedroom door so nobody would come in. I waited until everybody left and then I came out. I thought to myself this was their new game, just to do something with their life. I thought Christianity was no different than Islam. This continued for two years.

During that time, every time I would come home my mom would make me read a prayer with her, and because I wanted money from her I would do it. Later, I found out I was doing the sinner’s prayer with her. It wasn’t important for me what I was praying because I didn’t believe in it. I just did it to get money from my mom. I was still using drugs and I was still having sex with lots of guys.

One day my sister got married and went to another country with her husband. After six months she came back to our country with her husband. When my sister and my brother-in-law arrived at the airport I came home with them because I didn’t want to embarrass my sister and my family. My sister and brother-in-law lived with my parents for six months.

One time when I came to the house I started to talk to him just to save face. I was surprised that he was like a friend to me. I felt like he was my best friend. I don’t know why, or how, but I told him everything I did. I can’t believe I did this because my sister’s old pastor had tried to talk to me for two years, but I didn’t talk to him at all. This time with my brother-in-law it was different. It was like I had found a real friend.

I still didn’t want to go to church. When it was in our house, I would run away when they got together. One day my brother-in-law asked me to come to church and we’d go check out the city together after. I told him that I didn’t want to go to church, but I’d go anyway because we’d be going out together out after. Then he said, “You don’t have to come to church. I’ll pick you up after church and we’ll go out together.” When he said that, peace came over me. He wasn’t forcing me to go to church. This peace felt like when I did drugs or had sex with my boyfriend. I felt he was someone I could trust and could be my real friend.

So that day was the first day I went to church. At first, I looked at the people really sarcastically and cynically. I didn’t understand what they were saying and I thought to myself they don’t have anything else better to do. They think they are so happy but it’s not real.

Then we worshipped and I felt something I never felt before. My body was shaking and I felt love like I never felt before. I felt that Jesus grabbed my hand and pulled me from the ditch of sin I was in. I didn’t know what happened. I didn’t know what kind of encounter it was and what touch this was, or what love this was, but it was so awesome, sweet and pure. I was mystified by Him.

I didn’t understand what had happened. Maybe it had been the prayers that my brother-in-law was doing for me since he met me. After that, we went out and when we came home, I told him what I had experienced. Then my brother-in-law asked me to stay home and never go back to that boy’s house again and forget him.

It was amazing to me that I didn’t go back to my boyfriend, stopped smoking cigarettes, and quit taking drugs. I used to smoke 20 grams of hash a week, plus crystal and cocaine. But after that encounter with Jesus I didn’t need to do it anymore. I wasn’t addicted to those things anymore. I smoked just one cigarette during the first month, then nothing after that. I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t go through withdrawals and I didn’t use anything to help me get free of my addiction, not even one pill. I stopped everything at once, cold! For me, this was a miracle from Jesus.

My boyfriend pleaded with me to come back and even came after me. He even talked to my father but nothing he said would change my mind. He was a violent man and he hit me quite a few times. I was afraid to walk in the streets because he would jump out and hit me. One time he came at me with his car and tried to run me over, but Jesus saved me and nothing happened to me.
To leave my boyfriend after seven years, and leave that dirty life full of pain just because I had been touched by Jesus once, was a miracle. Jesus finished everything for me in one night. Then He made everything new again … in time.

My life started from zero again. I got married and we had a daughter, but my husband left me. It ended in divorce. I had started a ministry to drug addicts and continued on. Jesus became my husband, and I loved Jesus more and more every day.

I got married again eventually. I have so much joy in this marriage and I praise the Lord. My husband also serves in ministry with me and now my daughter is five. She knows Jesus, she prays, and she has a beautiful relationship with the Lord. I am serving the Lord with all my mind, body and soul. I have given my life, my husband, and my child to the Lord so I can serve Him with all that I am without anything in the way. Nothing can separate me from Jesus.